The Seven Shittiest Sins

  • Greed: I want shit
  • Envy: I want your shit
  • Wrath: I'm going to wreck your shit
  • Lust: I'm into some freaky shit
  • Gluttony: This is some tasty shit
  • Sloth: I don't feel like doing shit
  • Pride: I am the shit

Carnival, such an awesome holiday.

Thinking about how I’m going to spend my carnival vacation (or recess, whatever you wanna call it) I realised I that I can still remember how a couple of years ago this holiday used to bother me so much. At that time I used to watch TV everyday for quite a lot of hours. Since then I’ve almost stopped watching TV completely, save when there’s absolutely nothing to do or I’m feeling sick and can’t get out of bed or stare at my laptop’s screen. I remember being frustrated as a child on recess’s days at home wanting to watch a movie on TV but there was only carnival on. The most popular TV channel airs carnival related shows and commercials for basically the entirety of February and the first days of March (well, it kind of starts in January but not that strong).

In the region I live almost nobody celebrates/likes carnival. I dunno why, I guess we just aren’t really into that kind of stuff. But to be fair I believe most of Brazil, apart from, obviously, the northeast part of the country and the capitals, doesn’t celebrate carnival. I might be wrong since I’ve only lived in/been to the southern part of the country.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to say that now since I’m no longer watching television on a daily-basis the existence of carnival is almost irrelevant to me. It’s almost as if it didn’t exist/happened. Apart from getting two days of university and one from work off my week wouldn’t suffer any influence from the festivities that are, and still will be, taking part in the places mentioned before.